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Rose Gardening Articles:

Rose Care Articles, Rose Variety ArticlesOf all the flowers to be found in gardens throughout the world, the rose is by far the most loved and most popular of all. A plant of incredible variety and form, roses come in a rainbow of colors and vast array of sizes and shapes. The most petite, the Miniature roses are revered for their non-stop blooms in vivid colors that are at home in the garden or when displayed on a tabletop. Once though of as 'fussy' to care for, the new generation of own-root roses have shattered those myths and are developing a wide following among gardener's and flower lovers of all ages.

We, like many, fell in love with roses and began growing and propagating own-root roses many years ago. We offer our own-root Shop Onilne For Rosesroses for sale at our online rose and plant nursery. We are constantly adding new varieties, since well it is addictive. We grow a wide range of Climbing Roses, Floribunda Roses, Shrub Roses, Miniature Roses, Table to Garden Roses, Balconia Roses and many more.

Roses are not just for the cutting garden anymore. Why plant a bed with Petunias when you can have a flowering bed filled with Balconia roses that come back year after year. Like wise why settle for a dull green hedge, when you can create a flowering hedge that is as fragrant as it is beautiful with any number of hardy shrub roses. The possibilities are endless..

Climbing Roses:

Floribunda Roses: