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Jersey Blueberry Bush

Jersey Blueberry BushWhen you drive around older neighborhoods and farms, you are almost sure to find several mature Jersey blueberry bushes. Jersey blueberry bushes have been a long-time favorite of gardeners in the United States.

Quick Facts About Jersey Blueberry:

MATURE SIZE: 6 feet tall x 6 feet wide
FLAVOR: sweet, full blueberry flavor
FRUIT SIZE: large and firm
USE FOR: baking, eating fresh
FALL COLOR: bright orange-red
BLUEBERRY TYPE: Northern highbush
POLLINATION: plant with another blueberry variety for best crop production

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Jersey blueberry is considered to be a highbush variety, a distant relation to the lowbush blueberries that once grew wild in New Jersey's Pine barrens. Jersey blueberry bushes not only produce sweet, blueberries that are high in anti-oxidants and are delicious when eaten fresh or when used in pancakes, pies, cookies or muffins, Jersey blueberry is also an attractive landscape shrub, with striking orange fall color.

Planting and Care:
You can plant container grown Jersey blueberry bushes anytime of the year from April through October. The myth that blueberries need to planted in the spring, arose from a time when gardeners only had access to bare root plant stock, and supplemental irrigation systems were not widely available. Adaptable to a wide variety of soil types, all blueberry bushes will produce more when grown in well-drained, sandy loam soil that has a pH value of 4.5 - 5.5. Jersey blueberry highbush breaks dormancy in the spring, producing pure white flowers in early May. The flowers later become blueberries ready to be picked later on in the season.
When planting blueberry bushes always calculate at least 2 bushes per each family member.

Using Jersey Blueberries:
Harvest blueberries in the early morning, if possible. Wash only the amount of blueberries that you are going to eat right away. Freeze leftover Jersey blueberries by placing them on a cookie sheet, and freezing. When frozen place in zip lock bags and freeze until use.

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