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Duke Blueberry

Duke BlueberryDuke blueberry bush is an easy to grow early ripening northern highbush blueberry variety.

Quick Facts About Duke Blueberry:

MATURE SIZE: 4 feet tall x 6 feet wide
FLAVOR: sweet, full blueberry flavor
FRUIT SIZE: Medium, firm, light blue
USE FOR: baking, eating fresh
FALL COLOR: orange, burnt-yellow
BLUEBERRY TYPE: Northern highbush
POLLINATION: plant with another blueberry variety for crop production

Duke blueberry is a heavy, consistent producer with an attractive, firm, light blue high quality berry. Duke blooms late but ripens early, which protects the blossoms from spring frosts. At our nursery we plant Duke Blueberry with Jersey Blueberry which is a cold hardy blueberry that produces a late season crop. Branches may droop to the ground when laden with fruit, prompting many gardeners to use a simple trellis as support. Lovely orange and burnt-yellow fall color. Shop for Duke Blueberry plants.

Blueberry Growing Requirements Tips:

  1. Select a Site: Blueberries require acid soils, which greatly limits where they can be grown in Idaho. A soil pH between 4.2 and 5.2 is ideal (pH 7.0 is neutral). Blueberries can be grown, with some challenges, on sites where the pH is as high as 6.0.
  2. Soil pH: Soils having pH values between 5.5 and 6.0 can be acidified by incorporating sulfur into the soil one or two years before planting blueberries. For faster lowering of your pH, blueberries can be grown in raised beds filled with potting mixes or amended soil.
  3. Full Sun: While blueberries survive in partial shade, you need full sun exposure to develop good fruit flavor and maintain high yields. Blueberries grown in the shade become tall, spindly, and unproductive, creating bushes that are unattractive and do not tolerate snow loads well.
  4. Plant 2 or More: While some varieties are self-pollinating, for best production yields plant 2 or different varieties of blueberry plants within 10 - 15 feet of each other.
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