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Plant blueberry bushes this year and enjoy not only the healthy delicious berries, but savor the beauty of these highly ornamental Blueberry Plantslandscape shrubs. For years we have sold proven cold-hardy blueberry varieties that are prolific producers of tasty sweet berries at our farm in Eastern Oregon.

Blueberries have delicate bell shaped blooms in spring, followed by glossy green leaves throughout summer. The fruit can range in colors from delicious powder blue to dark blue fruit. Fall color is stunning ranging from deep orange to scarlet-red, and brilliant winter wood.

Blueberries, such as Bluecrop Blueberry and Jersey Blueberry make excellent hedges.

Tips for Planting Blueberries in the Landscape:

  1. To form solid hedges or screens, place plants 2½ to 3’ apart.
  2. To obtain uniform shape and texture use the same variety for the entire hedge.

  3. For border plantings along walks or skirting a planting bed, choose Northcountry. Northcountry blueberries will eventually reach 3’ wide and stays compact at only 2’ high.
  4. Since blueberries are acid loving plants, mix in with where rhododendrons or compact evergreen azaleas are planted.
  5. For best results, plant blueberry bushes in full sun and in well drained soil.
  6. If the soil type in your area is not suitable for blueberries or your growing space is limited to a deck or patio, container growing is an option. The half-high varieties, especially Northcountry, lend themselves to this use. Northcountry will fill out a container such as a half whiskey barrel when mature.
  7. Blueberries are noted for their striking fall foliage, therefore plant them in the garden where their brilliant colors can be viewed during the fall. Fall colors range from red hues to burgundy to flame. Other blueberry varieties sport shades of bright yellow to oranges.
  8. Although the reason most people buy blueberry plants is not the winter wood color, it is certainly worth noting; the bare branches of blueberry plants have brilliant wood color that is beautiful throughout the winter months, and adds a striking contrast to a snowy background.

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