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Grow Your Own Strawberries This Year!

Strawberries are not only delicious to eat; they are high in fiber, vitamin C, and potassium and low in calories. For a successful strawberry patch start out right with strawberry plants from Farm Fresh Living. Like all of our plants, we grow our strawberry plants pesticide-free, using only organic methods. Shop Now for Spring

Hood Strawberry Plants available at Farm Fresh Living  Alpine Strawberry Plants available at Farm Fresh Living  Fern Strawberry Plants available at Farm Fresh Living

         Hood Strawberry                  Alpine Strawberry                 Fern Strawberry

Tips For Growing Strawberry Plants:
  1. Strawberries prefer to grow in full sun and well-drained soil that is rich in organic matter. The plants tend to have shallow roots; therefore, the planting beds only need to be amended 12" deep.

  2. Place plants 18 inches apart with the crown of the strawberry plant just Allstar Strawberry Plants available at Farm Fresh Livingabove the soil level.

  3. Provide consistent water throughout the season and fertilizer with a balanced organic fertilizer such as Down To Earth All Purpose fertilizer. Every 2-3 weeks fertilize with organic Maxi-crop fertilizer for an additional nutrient boost.

  4. Pinch the first set of flowers off to promote good root growth.

  5. Harvest strawberries when ripe, and eat or freeze immediately.

  6. Thin strawberry beds every year in the early fall by narrowing the rows to 6" -12" and mowing or cutting back the plants to 1" above the crowns. Thinning or renovating your strawberry bed will encourage productivity for years to come.

  7. Apply a covering of mulch over the strawberry bed prior to winter for USDA gardening zone 6 or below. Mulching is the time-honored way to help strawberries survive even the coldest of winters.

June Bearing Strawberry Plants versus Everbearing Strawberry Plants:

There are two different types of strawberries; standard (June bearing) and everbearing. June bearing strawberries provide a large crop all at once and are ideal for jams or freezing, and tend to produce larger, consistent quality berries. Everbearing strawberry will produce throughout the summer for desserts and snacking. For best results, we recommend planting both types of strawberries.

Add more variety to your strawberry bed, by planting six or more Alpine Strawberry plants around the edge of the bed.
Alpine Strawberries are perennial strawberry plants that produce delicious, petite strawberries from May until October.
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Marionberry Plants

Marionberry plants, The "Cabernet of Blackberries"

Fall Gold Raspberry

Fall Gold ever-bearing yellow raspberry packed with flavor!

Meeker Raspberry Plants available at Farm Fresh Living

Meeker red raspberry produces sweet, large fruit!

Patriot Blueberry Plants available at Farm Fresh Living

Patriot Blueberry, the favorite blueberry for home gardens!

Triple Crown Blackberry Plants available at Farm Fresh Living

Triple Crown sweet, juicy  thornless blackberry!